17 January

Preview 2018 – the first six months


We will be presenting our bricks at numerous events this year and will be starting with didacta 2018 in Hanover in February. The trade show covers all important fields as early education, schools / universities and further qualification. So our bricks will fit perfectly in this event and we are looking forward to the show starting […]

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18 December

Our new Maker Store – Kiel becomes digital


We opened our second Maker Store together with our partner Addix in Kiel, Germany, at the end of November. Originally, we planned to have it running until 23rd of December. However, the feedback was overwhelmingly good so we decided to have it open at least until mid of January 2018. The “Kieler Nachrichten” (KN, newspaper […]

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21 November

Opening Maker Store Kiel


We opened our new PopUp Maker Store in Kiel last weekend. During Christmas time, all interested people (individuals as well as schools) can participate in workshops regarding electronics, robotics and coding. Furthermore, you can buy all products at the store – and you might find the perfect Christmas present. Register for one our workshops! Simply call […]

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3 November

SIMO Educación 2017


We were at SIMO Educación in Madrid last week to show our bricks to the Spanish. SIMO is a big education faire for teachers, professors and instructors who are interested in the latest product development and their implementation into schools and training facilities. Finally yet importantly, this was why they very much liked our experimental […]

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28 September

Bricks at school – guest commentary


Digital week – in Moenkeberg ! The first Digitale Woche was opened in the RBZ Wirtschaft/Kiel on Saturday, 16th of September. Kiel’s mayor, Mr U. Kaempfer, Schleswig-Holstein’s minister of digitalisation, Mr R. Habeck and a team of Allnet who taught students more about technology by using the electronic components of Brick’R’knowledge. The ALLNET team luckily […]

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3 August

Preview – Maker Faire Hannover


It’s this time of year again: at the end of August, Maker Faire Hannover will take place. On Friday, 25th of August, all students and teachers are invited to vitit the “Student’s day” and to get to know and test hands-on exciting projects by makers. At the weekend, the fair will be open for the […]

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20 July

Brick clock part 2


This is the final part of our brick clock series: After having started, the BRK clock does a self-test, turning on the RGBW bricks in sinuous line and in different colours from lower left to upper left. The connection set-up with the internet takes place two seconds after that. While connecting, the three letters “BRK” […]

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13 June

Maker Faire Berlin 2017


Maker Faire Berlin time again! The event took place on 10th and 11th of June Juni at the “Station” Berlin, close to Gleisdreieck. More than 15,000 visitors came – which is one of the main reasons that Maker Faire Berlin 2018 will be at FEZ Berlin. It was already our 3rd time at Maker Faire […]

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24 May

Make Munich 2017


Being the main sponsor, we were part of the wonderful Make Munich again this year. It was a great weekend with numerous exhibitors, makers, exciting presentations and workshops. In case you missed it: the next Maker Faire will be in Berlin at 10th and 11th of June! Here are some impressions of Make Munich:

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4 May

Flipflops for dummies – part 3


For those of you who enjoyed our blog post series “For dummies”, this new post is the right choice. Being a complete beginner myself, I will deal with RS flip-flops, D flip-flops and JK flip-flops today. As the topic of “Logic” is quite complex I advise you to read the former blog posts about Logic […]

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