Electronic experiments for everybody

What is Brick’R’knowledge?

Brick’R’knowledge is an innovative plug system which can be used to tranfer electronical knowledge very easily, fast and playfully.

Basic Set                                                                                                           Advanced Set


Arduino Coding Set                                                                                        7 Color Light Set



For whom is Brick’R’knowledge?

Children and teens:
Digging into the world of electronics playfully and with the help of our manuals and videos is just as much fun as playing with building blocks!

Pupils and students:
What good is school theory if you can’t use this knowledge practically? With our exciting plug system you can finally try out the stuff that is normally only written on the blackboard!

Teachers and professors:
Bring life to your lessons! With our Bricks you can boost the creativity of your students and motivate them to experiment by themselves.

Developers and engineers:
Fast prototyping and documentation saves time and changes your imagination of testing for ever – totally without tin solder!


How to join the Brick world?

Brick’s World:
The coolest and fastest idea to show that you’re a true brick member! Just send a picture with you, a landmark, your favorite place or with your loved ones to us and we´ll pin it to our world map – the only important thing: brick included!

Here you can find all of our bricks and sets to enlarge your brick collection!

Social Media:
You can find us (nearly) everywhere: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, blog and Tumblr.

Here it properly goes to the subject: Set up a new discussion, ask questions or read through all the great ideas of other brick members.


Workshops in Berlin

6th to 27th of October 2016

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Bett Show

25th - 28th of January

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Forscha Munich

4th - 6th of November

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