24 April

At Maker Faire Saxony


We were at the first Maker Faire Saxony this weekend where many creative people from the Maker scene presented their exciting projects to the public at Stadthalle Chemnitz. We introduced our new Logic Set and many visitors (most of whom were teachers or professors) were very interested in it :).   Once again we can […]

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28 March

Flip-flops for dummies – part 2


For dummies For those of you who liked the Brick’R’knowledge blog post series “for dummies” are going to like this new blog post as well. As always, I write this post being a complete beginner myself. This time, I will be dealing with RS flip-flops, D flip-flops and JK flip-flops. I advise you to read […]

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17 March

Workshops with @Arduino Woman


@Arduino Woman Tenaya Hurst from San Francisco visited us at Berlin Maker Store last week. The workshops she gave were all related to coding with Arduino microcontrollers. For all of you who could not participate: You definitely missed something! The good news: We are planning to repeat the workshops in the near future. Until then […]

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27 February

Flip-flops for dummies part 1


For dummies For those of you who enjoyed our blog post series “for dummies” so far will be happy to learn that this will be a new one regarding the matter of “flip-flops” and logic. Being a dummy myself I will have a look into three different flip-flops: RS flip-flop, D flip-flop and JK flip-flop. […]

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8 February

Welcome to BETT Show 2017


It was our first time at the BETT Show in London this year and we were very excited about the event. Our booth was situated in the maker area, surrounded by 3D printing and drones. So our bricks, especially the new logic bricks, fit in perfectly. The BETT Show is all about education, new technologies […]

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23 January

Resistors – part 2


We already gave you an introduction into the matter of resistors last week. Today, we will tell you about the different kinds of resistors: The first special resistor is the LDR, it´s a resistor that changes its resistance depending on the light intensity. This means that it doesn´t change mechanically, e.g. by pressing a button, […]

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13 January

Resistor for dummies


At first, resistor sounds like a not wanted property but in reality it’s a compelling characteristic. Each body or object has a specific resistance. A piece of wire has a relatively low resistance which is why it conducts electricity quite well. With the help of resistors, the current flow can be manipulated or you can […]

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6 January

Students working with bricks


We had a group of students visiting from the Product Design Department of the Berlin University of Applied Science in our store this week. The six students and two professors were especially interested in Arduino. First, however, they wanted to learn more about the basics of electronics and decided to do the “electronics for beginners” […]

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14 December

First Arduino Maker Store in Berlin


For all of you who could not participate: We gathered some impressions of our Grand Opening last Saturday. Our store that has already existed since one year has become a completely new coat with new furniture, new painting and a new design. Nevertheless, we will stick to the maker moto and will keep offering workshops […]

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8 December

Grand Opening in Berlin


We would like to celebrate the Grand Opening of our first Maker Store with you! Join us on Saturday, 10th of December at 4pm! Celebrate with us and our partner Arduino, internationally known for their microcontrollers and be the first to know about Arduino’s latest products and plans for 2017 at the Maker Store. You […]

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