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by Elias Kaufmann Test... 详情 0


by Thomas Wallenburger Darstellung und Funktionsweise eines Netzteils mit... 详情 1


by Nico S. In diesem Projekt wird gezeigt, wie man mit Arduin... 详情 0

Relay (NOT operation)

by Julia Bauer In circuit 18.7 we talked about to the use of rela... 详情 0

Slowly self-sustaining relay

by Julia Bauer If a capacitor is placed in parallel to the relais... 详情 0

Relay with self-interrupting second relay

by Julia Bauer Now we have expanded our self-interrupter circuit ... 详情 0

Relay with self-interrupter

by Julia Bauer The next example takes advantage of the delay betw... 详情 0

Relay in self-sustaining

by Julia Bauer The self-sustaining of relays can be found everywh... 详情 0

Relay in parallel circuits

by Julia Bauer A parallel connection of electronic components we ... 详情 0

Relays in series

by Julia Bauer In this circuit, the rst relay triggers the second... 详情 0

Relay in series

by Julia Bauer The minimum voltage of one relays is about half of... 详情 1

The relay as switch

by Julia Bauer In this example we use our relay as a switch. The ... 详情 1