Brick’R’knowledge visits a university

As a learning system our bricks are very popular. It´s great for schools and universities since you can try out your theoretic knowledge about electronics. The Maker Store Berlin team was very glad to be invited to the technical university of Berlin.

We presented our Brick`R`knowledge sets during the lecture about electronics and robotics for mechanical engineering students. We did not only talk about electronics, but also presented projects that we or the community had already realised.

Besides the bricks we also took our old friend, the mBot with us. That way we showed the students that you can not only learn interesting things from working with big industry robots but also with a mBot, that teaches programming.

After the lecture we met at a workshop room to put the theoretical knowledge about the bricks into practice. For the rest of the time, the students and teachers tried out new circuits and played around with the bricks and the mBot.

All in all it was a great experience for us since many teachers were convinced that the bricks are a great way to combine theory and practice.

Sophie S.

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