Back from Maker Faire Ruhr

Maker Faires are fun and offer exciting topics for everyone. You only need to be a little curious and in the mood to learn something new – then a Maker Faire will be a great enrichment for you from which you will profit and develop expertise.

We’ve just returned from the Maker Faire Ruhr and would like you to partake in our experiences in Dortmund:

The Maker Faire took place on the 12th and 13th of March at “DASA Arbeitswelt Ausstellung” which normally is a museum displaying all kinds of work-related topics – at the last weekend it presented the maker scene and its exhibitors: next to Brick’R’knowledge and our partner there were various other exhibitors, for example, publishers and goldsmiths, collaborative workshops, student labs and maker who dealt with 3D printing, robotics or energy-related projects. Furthermore,  visitors could do workshops in order to become “makers” themselves.

We shared our booth with our partner in Energiehalle and we were very busy: we set up a table for experiments in order for our visitors to get to know our bricks and to experiment with them. Especially the young visitors had fun building artful installations with our LED bricks. Here are some examples:




The grown-ups were mostly interested in our basic sets for beginners that offer a playful introduction into electro technology. It was great that they could build themselves electric circuits with the bricks and to see what kinds of experiments were possible with them. We had many teachers visiting our booth who were inspired by the idea to integrate our bricks in their teaching lessons in order to better illustrate their series of experiments thus making them more comprehensible for their students. We are looking forward to your feedback!

The makers were excited about our DIY sets with which you have the possibility to solder your own bricks and, hence, become part of the maker scene yourself. As our bricks are based on open source we especially want to encourage people to participate and to develop new bricks.

We very much enjoyed Maker Faire Ruhr! Come and visit us at one of the following maker shows – it’s worth it:


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