Electronic experiments for everybody

What is Brick’R’knowledge?

Brick’R’knowledge is an innovative plug system which can be used to tranfer electronical knowledge very easily, fast and playfully.

Basic Set                                                                                                           Advanced Set


Arduino Coding Set                                                                                        7 Color Light Set



For whom is Brick’R’knowledge?

Children and teens:
Digging into the world of electronics playfully and with the help of our manuals and videos is just as much fun as playing with building blocks!

Pupils and students:
What good is school theory if you can’t use this knowledge practically? With our exciting plug system you can finally try out the stuff that is normally only written on the blackboard!

Teachers and professors:
Bring life to your lessons! With our Bricks you can boost the creativity of your students and motivate them to experiment by themselves.

Developers and engineers:
Fast prototyping and documentation saves time and changes your imagination of testing for ever – totally without tin solder!


How to join the Brick world?

Brick’s World:
The coolest and fastest idea to show that you’re a true brick member! Just send a picture with you, a landmark, your favorite place or with your loved ones to us and we´ll pin it to our world map – the only important thing: brick included!

Here you can find all of our bricks and sets to enlarge your brick collection!

Social Media:
You can find us (nearly) everywhere: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, blog and Tumblr.

Here it properly goes to the subject: Set up a new discussion, ask questions or read through all the great ideas of other brick members.


Workshops in Berlin

2nd to 30th of March 2017

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Maker Faire Sachsen

22nd - 23rd of April 2017

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Maker Faire Bodensee

15th - 16th of July 2017

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Maker Faire Hannover

25. - 27. August 2017

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Make Munich

6. - 7. Mai 2017

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Maker Faire Berlin

9th - 11th of June 2017

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18th of May 2017

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Maker Faire Hong Kong

8th - 9th of April 2017

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My internship in Berlin

Hello everyone, I’m Sartorato Nicolò, I’m eighteen and I Study electronics near Venice, in Italy. With the “Erasmus+” project I’ve been in Berlin for 35 days and I had the pleasure of working for 4 weeks at the Maker Store in Danziger Straße, the perfect…

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Bricks at VFL arena

We were at the VFL arena in Wolfsburg last week - not to see a football game, though, but for a different exciting event: the KIDScraft 2.0 that took place for the second time. If you have fun, developing and programming your own robot or…

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Workshop at Maker Store Berlin

A group of 25 people visited us in our Maker Store in Berlin last week to participate in one of our workshops. It started in the evening at 7 p.m. and right from the start, everybody was eager to build and program his or her…

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Electronics can be fun!?

Do you still have your doubts? Why don’t you participate in one of our summer workshops: we’ll start with a robotic workshop in our Berlin Maker Store on August, 8th. Have you always wanted to build and program your own robot? Then this workshop is…

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3 weeks at the Maker Store

My name is Mattia, I’m seventeen and I study electronics in Italy. For my Erasmus and internship in Berlin I have been at the Maker Store in Danziger Straße. Here I had the opportunity to discover a completely new way to learn and experiment with…

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Plug system


Ground repatration