Arduino and Brick’R’knowledge at Maker Faire Bodensee

Today we are happy to share a new blog post by our partner with you. Enjoy!

Together with our partner Allnet this weekend we were at Maker Faire Bodensee. Our common booth received a lot of interest and a lot of questions from the visitors. We presented the Brick’R ‘knowledge innovative plug system and their Arduino compatible coding set.





What is Brick’R’knowledge?
Brick’R’knowledge is an innovative plug system which can be used to transfer electronical knowledge very easily, quickly and playfully. Brick’R’knowledge premiered at the 2014 maker world in Friedrichshafen. The special thing about this electronic set is that all bricks share universal connectors. This way, even complex circuits can be understood very easily. Even connecting bricks in different angles is possible. For returning the 0 Voltage (ground) two contacts are used. This allows creating compact circuits that are easy to document and easy to be used for exploring and explaining electronic circuits. The brick system addresses not only students, teachers, developers and electronics’ addicts but also the maker scene. The brick system is open source and already involves more than 400 different bricks.



The Brick’R’knowledge Arduino Coding Set
The idea behind the Arduino coding set is to give users the possibility to experience analogue and digital electronics and to introduce them to the programming of microcontrollers without any prior knowledge. The attached manual includes descriptions regarding each brick and explains the experiments in easy steps and with the help of clear graphics and pictures. The programming manual provides you with many examples to program your own circuits and to become inspired. The set contains analogue bricks, digital bricks like the 7segment display, Oled displays, digital bus bricks and many more. This way, it is very flexible when it comes to developing your own solutions. As it is very easy to include the popular microcontroller “Arduino Nano” into the brick system, you can easily program and realize complex circuits.


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