3 weeks at the Maker Store


My name is Mattia, I’m seventeen and I study electronics in Italy. For my Erasmus and internship in Berlin I have been at the Maker Store in Danziger Straße. Here I had the opportunity to discover a completely new way to learn and experiment with electronics: the Brick’R’knowledge system. With that you can test a circuit simply by putting the right bricks together. It’s easy and super fast!

The Advanced set is a great way to try more complex circuits but I worked mainly with the Arduino coding set, which provides you everything to start creating with Arduino. With the coding set, I have built an electronic dice with a few bricks: the Arduino, a button, an OLED display and some wiring and power bricks.


The Arduino sketch is easy, too:
after having set all the OLED display libraries, a loop waits for the button to be pressed and then gets a random number from one to six, which is then displayed in the screen. It’s a very simple project, but it could be used to play instead of a real dice!

Watch the video here

To sum up, I really enjoyed these three weeks and I’m looking forward to working again with the Brick’R’knowledge system.

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