Logic Set

Logic Set

The Logic Set is ideally suited for a quick start into the digital circuit technology. While working with the manual, which includes didactically structured examples of circuits, students learn about the most important digital circuits like adder, shift register and numerator. The comprehensively equipped Logic Set provides teachers with a practical basis for daily teaching. Plugging the bricks together and experimenting with them is fun and encourages building your own circuit variants. The Logic Set’s scope of supply ranges from easy logic bricks (AND, OR, NAND, NOR, XOR, XNOR, NOT), to a variety of flip flop bricks (D-, RS- and JK-type), to an impulse brick (alternatively a debounced switch for single pulses) up to a BCD counter brick with an integrated 7 segment display. A wide range of LED bricks, switch bricks and wire bricks make the set complete.

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Manufacturer-ID: ALL-BRICK-0630
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