My first Maker Faire

I would like to tell you about my first Maker Faire experience in Hanover in which I participated two weeks ago. The whole Berlin team was present as well as Julia who came from Germering. The Maker Faire took place from Friday to Sunday, Friday being a “school day” for students and teachers while the weekend was open for everyone. Watch the video here.

It was a really interesting event: Visitors could see, learn and experiment many new things. It was too bad that I did not have enough time to walk around and see what other makers had created. It would have been worth it, I’m sure.

Our booth was highly frequented; I would not have expected so many people and such a continuous positive feedback. Many were interested in the bricks, from teachers to students, from electronics technicians to simply enthusiasts. The little kids adored our 7 Color Light Set’s LED bricks and spent a long time at our booth creating various motives.


I also recognized three university students who spent more than an hour building their own circuits and rebuilding experiments from the Advanced manual.


I very much enjoyed seeing so many happy, inspired and enthusiastic visitors in one spot. I also talked to and shared ideas with many cool Makers during the event.

Finally, I’d like to add that I am already looking forward to the next Maker Faire Bodensee. You can definitely see and learn a lot while having fun at the Maker Faire!


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