And the winner is…

We made it: in the competition for the “IT Innovation Price”, our Arduino Coding Set was honored among the BEST OF in the category “Hardware”!

For this reason, we would like to introduce the set to you in more detail:


The idea behind our Arduino Coding Set is to enable users to experience analogue and digital electronics and to learn the coding of micro controllers – without prior knowledge in coding. The attached manual contains descriptions regarding the individual bricks explaining the experimental setups using clearly comprehensible graphics and images (available also as download: ). The Arduino programming manual contains a number of examples in order to code them yourself and serves as inspiration for new ideas ( ). Among analogue bricks the set also contains different digital bricks like the 7 segments display, Oled displays, digital bus bricks and so on and by that allows for a high flexibility when developing your own solutions. By easily integrating the micro controller “Arduino Nano” into the system, you will be able to quickly realize and program complex circuits.


With the Arduino Coding Set we would like to address trainees and trainers, teachers, research assistants and profs, engineers and software developers who want to learn more about programming and micro controllers and who develop and build new solutions and circuits for the system. Our Arduino Coding Set is perfectly qualified for technical experiments, for explaining teaching content and for developing innovations in the field of electrical technology. With the Coding Set you can easily build, implement and document complex circuits and series of experiments.

Why don’t you visit our store in Berlin, Danziger Str. 22? We are looking forward to meeting you!


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